The Community College National Center for Community Engagement (CCNCCE) is a leader in advancing programs and innovations that stimulate active participation of institutions of education in service learning and community engagement for the attainment of a vital citizenry.

The Community College National Center for Community Engagement is a national organization with a 24 year history of successfully developing and managing innovative partnerships and disseminating lessons learned throughout the higher education community. An outcome of the mission of the CCNCCE is to support and promote the pedagogy of service-learning, a teaching method which combines academic instruction with community service as it focuses on increasing college access and completion, academic achievement and engagement, critical and reflective thinking and civic responsibility.

The Center provides the following services:

  • Provides on-site training and technical assistance at community college campuses on various topics including how to connect institutional mission and/or strategic plans to service-learning; guidance on how to connect accreditation guidelines to service learning; service learning program development and expansion, community partnerships, and fundraising, grant development and management, and training for pre and post award compliance.
  • Submits innovative grant proposals to various public and private funding sources and subsequently provides sub-grants to community colleges which support service learning and civic engagement.
  • Hosts an annual national conference and regional workshops with special emphasis for community college faculty and staff.
  • Presents on best practices at local, regional, and national conferences.
  • Produces an on-line peer reviewed journal.
  • Partners with the American Association of Community Colleges, The League for Innovation in the Community College, and other national organizations to promote and further service-learning and civic engagement.
  • Recognizes outstanding service learning partnerships through its National Collaboration Award program.
  • Serves as a conduit to further the pedagogy of service learning as a means to address broader issues in higher educations such as: access, retention and completion; academic achievement, workforce development; and community involvement.
  • Serves as a voice to further community college involvement in service-learning and civic engagement throughout higher education.

For information on fees for services, contact us.

The Community College National Center for Community Engagement has a proud history of developing and managing innovative national programs that support and enhance education by utilizing the pedagogy of service learning while strengthening communities nationwide.

Successful national projects included:

  1. Accent on Student Success: Engaged Together in Service (ASSETS), which supported initiatives to implement projects on Baby Boomers, Disadvantaged Youth, Domestic Preparedness, Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
  2. Solar Dahiwakud Demonstration Project: bringing solar energy to tribal lands; 3) Supporting Actions For Engagement (SAFE), which supported initiatives to implement projects on Homeland Security and Domestic Preparedness, Service-Learning, and Civic Engagement
  3. Global Engagement of Multifaceted Stakeholders (GEMS), which focused on K-16 partnerships that involved community colleges which were underrepresented in the national service movement, including Tribal, Historically Black, Hispanic Serving, Native Hawaiian and Samoan Serving, and Rural
  4. 2+4=Service on Common Ground, which developed educational partnerships between community colleges and universities focused on addressing critical community problems ranging from health to immigration
  5. The Faculty Role: From the Margins to the Mainstream, which developed a faculty cadre of trainers that promoted quality service-learning curriculum nationwide.